More than 1 Thousand People Each Day Relocate to Florida

3 Reasons Why Florida –

the 3rd largest state with a population of 22 million people - Is the Land of Your Opportunity

Florida’s Infrastructure Ranks #2 in the US and Florida Commercial Brokers Network Ranks #1 With a solid infrastructure of roads, seaports, spaceports and airports, and an economy that has been roaring since the 1920’s, Florida’s connectivity provides unmatched global reach. And the members of Florida Commercial Brokers Network, Florida’s largest network, will connect you with the commercial real estate needs that will get you up and running quickly. Investing in Florida = Higher Yields - Florida is one of the top states for domestic and foreign capital investing. With rising interest rates a concern, buyers can turn to Florida Commercial Brokers Network for connections to opportunities and advantages, now. Florida’s Trade and Global Advantages - Looking to expand internationally? Florida is your gateway to growth. According to Enterprise Florida, there are more than 80 nations who have diplomatic hubs in Florida, giving businesses an advantage to reach global markets.

Fall 2018 Florida Focus Newsletter

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