What is the Florida Commercial Brokers Network?


Florida Commercial Brokers Network is a company of companies. Formed in 1993 this is a group of owners and leaders in commercial real estate who provide unique and specialized real estate services. We cover the state with one point of contact – the best contact for our clients. We meet three times a year for two or more days to enhance our relationships and to hear from professionals in government, technology, banking, finance, marketing, community leaders and topical experts. We also meet for a full day in late Fall to plan for the year ahead including our annual meeting every January where awards are distributed for Partner of the Year and Firm of the Year. From coast‐to‐coast‐ to‐coast we are strong, experienced and results‐driven.


Benefits of membership


First and foremost this is a group of colleagues and friends who come together to benefit their businesses. Open discussions happen easily as business is exchanged, resources are tapped and networking produces profits.


Meetings around the state, four times a year, including an annual meeting early each year, followed by one in the spring, early fall and a fourth meeting prior to the holidays – the members believe deals are done and wisdom exchanged when they are able to come together. Locations are as varied as a 5‐star oceanfront resort, to a theme park and are always a well‐chosen meeting venue – each hosted by a local partner. Meetings are always a Thursday and a Friday and include golf or other networking event, a social dinner, a business meeting and a full membership meeting with top notch speakers and timely topics. Meeting locations and details are posted at www.FlaBrokers.com


Florida Commercial Brokers Network membership falls into 3 categories:




Partner Members must be current, licensed commercial real estate brokers, to take advantage of the entire range of Florida Commercial Brokers Network Partner membership benefits. These benefits include Collateral/Printed Material, Networking/Transactions, Web Site Identification, Public Relations, Program Participation, Professional Development, Trade Shows, Advertising, Market Exclusively, Voting Rights, and Stock Ownership. Partner Members are expected to be active in the organization, serve as officers, and/or committee Members, and attend at least two‐thirds (2/3) of the meetings held during each year.Employees/agents of Partner Member firms are called “Associate Members” and are non‐voting, do not hold office and are subject to meeting costs if their numbers exceed the limit of two attendees per Partner Member firm.




An Out‐Of‐State Broker Member is defined as a broker who owns/operates a commercial brokerage firm not located in the state of Florida, with no branch offices in the state of Florida and no Florida real estate license but who has an interest in being connected with other Florida based brokerage companies. These members are welcome to attend all meetings but it will be mandatory for them to attend the annual meeting in January of each year.




Affiliate Members may include attorneys, consultants, engineers, land planners, architects, appraisers, property inspectors, mortgage companies, environmental companies, and other specialized companies related to the real estate industry. Affiliate Members are “preferred vendors” included in the networking events, Thursday night dinners and Friday meetings quarterly and are entitled to participate in web site activities and make presentations at Florida Commercial Brokers Network meetings.